Mission Statement:  We pledge to embrace a growth mindset by building strong relationships; communicating worth and potential; having fun learning and celebrating goals!

Vision Statement:  PSES, where we care and cheer for one another to grow and learn; where everyone reaches their personal best and greatest success!

Our Theme:  “Every Child, Every Day!”

Our Motto:  #PocallaProud

CORE VALUE AND BELIEFS:  Because students are our most valuable resource, we believe the following to be essential:

1. Commitment to Excellence: Educational excellence requires that all stakeholders strive for continual growth and improvement.

2. Unyielding Ethical Standards: Build and maintain an abiding sense of honor and integrity that is characterized by high standards.

3. Accountability: All stakeholders are accountable for their actions and will be responsive to the needs of others.

4. Educating the Whole Child: All students are granted the opportunity to succeed based on individual needs.

5. Providing a Safe Learning Environment: Students have the right to learn in an environment conducive to learning.

6. Collaboration and Support amongst Stakeholders: Pervasive and valuable collaborative efforts create meaningful strategies and solutions.