BE AN INFORMED PARENT: Parent Information for Reunification during a School Crisis Incident

Sumter School District Safety Plan relies on informed parent/guardian cooperation to help keep our children safe. An informed parent/guardian takes the following actions on behalf of his/her child should a school crisis occur.

Confirm that the information is an official statement provided by Sumter School District and then act based on that information.
Ensure that all of your contact information is current at your child’s school, so that the district may contact you during an emergency through EduLink, the district’s auto dialer system. EduLink is the district’s means of direct contact with parents/guardians of students directly impacted by a crisis.
Refrain from going to the school or calling the school during a crisis, and wait until notified by the school of the directions for picking up your child.
Do not come to pick up a child when the school has notified you that a precautionary procedure (lockdown, shelter in place, or lock-out) was conducted due to a false report, and you have been notified that classes have resumed.
Stay accessible to a phone, or computer or other media device to receive more information from the school as to when and where to pick up your child, if needed.
Come to the reunification site with an official ID and or send someone who is on the student’s emergency card to pick up the student with an ID when notified by the school.
Leave the reunification site with your child(ren) safely to allow room for other parents to come.
If you would like to have a representative from Sumter School District discuss school safety issues with your school group or civic organization, feel free to call and request and informational presentation or if you have any questions about these procedures, please call Kathy Morrison, Intervention Coordinator, at 803-469-6900, extension 524.