Internet Safety is essential for our children. Here are some tips to help keep your child safe on the internet:
Keep your computer in a high traffic area that is available to everyone in the house.
Discuss rules for using the internet with your child and why these rules are in place.
Go to websites together so that you know what sites your child is visiting (Our school site has some wonderful educational sites).
Talk with your child about never sharing personal information. Remind your child that they do not always know who is on the site and they should never give out their name, address, birthdate, or phone number to anyone.
Cyberbullying – If your child is a victim of cyberbullying please do the following:
Explain to your child to NEVER respond to texts or emails that are bullying in nature.
Print, copy, or make a screenshot of all evidence of cyberbullying. Please note the day and time that it was received.
Block the sender of any emails.
Contact your internet service provider to ask them to remove any webpage that is meant to hurt your child.
For a list of topics that students will learn throughout the year please visit the directory and look for the grade level classes under Krista Jennings, our Technology Curriculum Resource Teacher or click here.

View the following site for more tips: Commonsense media